Workers Compensation

This is sometimes referred to as Stress Leave, but here we call it PSYCHOLOGICAL INJURY.

This is important, as a psychological injury is no different from any other workplace injury, and treatment often takes weeks or months in order to be fit for work again.

Referrals are accepted from GPs, Self referrals, Insurers or Employers and sometimes from Legal Counsel or Unions.

The APS scheduled fee is charged directly to the Workers Compensation Insurer for the claim.  This is a higher fee than is normally charged for individual counselling.  This is because of the high frequency of litigation and potential for court or tribunal reports and appearances that sometimes come with Workers Compensation Claims.  

Psychological Injuries can be caused by over-work, unrealistic workplace expectations, bullying and/or harassment, or any number of other workplace issues.  We are unable to advise you about whether you should or should not lodge a workers compensation claim, for this advice you must see your GP. 

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MAIB)

Services are also provided for victims of Motor Vehicle Accidents who experience trauma and/or psychological difficulties as a result of the accident.  Again costs are payable by the MAIB for psychological services provided.

At the initial appointment you will be asked for specific details of any claim, including insurer contact information, date of claim/incident etc; treating GP and referral if provided. Please have this information with you.

Treatment for Psychological Injury.

A plan will be drawn up based on the nature of your injury, often, but not always referred to as Adjustment Disorder.

The approach used in this practice for treatment plans uses the S.M.A.R.T. approach.

S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results Oriented and Timely. Plans are often 12 weeks in length, but can be extended where required.