Tim has carried out and continues to provide contract services to a number of companies that offer Psychology services in Tasmania and overseas.

These include:

Rehabilitation services,

Medico-legal services, reporting and Expert Witness,

Professional Development, Employee and Management training and workplace education and

Corporate Consultancy

Expertise in Change Management Services and Leadership Development

Strong ability to identify and develop change strategies, establish cultural change and monitor efficacy of changes, with

training in organisational change management approaches.

Communicate effectively to deliver change strategies, build relationships, inspire stakeholder engagement, train staff and

encourage cultural change at different operational levels. Able to provide robust leadership during times of change and


Exceptional instructional delivery and facilitation skills; experience in crafting training programs and coaching at all levels of an organisation. ▪ Professional Development Program design and delivery – Mental Health, Disability including legislative requirements,

Recruitment Support/interviewing skills development,

Management and Leadership Support, Vision and Mission Statement, Values Policy Development.

Workplace Rehabilitation - Consult with clients to develop treatment plans taking account of vocational, social, medical and psychological needs and counselling.

Medico Legal Reports, Court Reports: Supreme Court, Magistrates Court, Child and Family Law – Children’s Advocacy Services – Human Rights issues.

Educational Psychology Services – IQ and other norm referenced learning Assessments, Special Education Programs, Gifted and Talented, Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties, Resource Teacher support, Behaviour Programs

Contract Services Provided to:

Converge International RTK - EAP services (various Tasmanian organisations)  http://www.convergeinternational.com.au/

Eudoxia - EAP services (Tasmania DHHS)  http://www.eudoxia.com.au/

IHMS - Psychology Services to Asylum Seekers, Nauru.  http://www.ihms.com.au/

Huon Eldercare - EAP and consulting services  http://huoneldercare.org.au/

If your organsation or business needs any Psychological Services indicated here please contact Tim here to discuss your needs